We have great news.

As you know, we like solving problems and giving solutions to complicated procedures. The most challenging thing we face as business and end-users is the difficulty and complexity of user manuals that come with the purchasing of the products.

We found a way to add value to this process and we proudly present SwipeGuideCoin (SGC):

It’s Simple.

  1. You earn SwipeGuideCoins by reading a SwipeGuide visual user guide.
  2. That way you will find more about your brand new product while gaining our crypto coins.
  3. You can use SwipeGuideCoin (SGC) to buy vintage manuals from the Museum of Instruction Manuals. You can find a plethora of old manuals in pdf files, CDs or even printed on papers!

Oh, and there is not any inflection happening anytime soon because the amount of our currency is unlimited. Yes, unlimited.

We believe in an all-digital efficient future, and SwipeGuideCoin is one step closer to this.

SwipeGuideCoin (SGC) is launching tomorrow April 1st, 2018.