2017 has been an intense, yet awesome year for SwipeGuide. Our team has expanded tenfold and we’re readier than ever to tackle the world of boring and unclear instructions with our amazing software. Here are five milestones we’re excited about in 2018!


1. Consumer Electronics Show 2018

SwipeGuide is selected by StartupDelta to represent the Holland Startup Pavilion at CES in Las Vegas in January 2018. This is a great opportunity for us to show the world why interactive and visual user guides created with our software are loved by everyone.Preparations for the event are in full swing! Curious to follow our journey to CES? Follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter! You can already book an appointment with us at CES by filling in a contact request or by contacting us: annika@swipeguide.com.

2. Mixed Reality prototype at CES 2018

Together with leading Dutch consumer electronics & manufacturing brands we are currently developing a prototype mixed reality feature for the SwipeGuide Instruction platform. This prototype feature will allow users to visualise steps of performing any task, from cleaning a coffee maker to changing filters in air purifiers to operating heavy machinery in breweries in a new way. Curious? We will unveil the prototype at CES!
Drop by our stand (Eureka Park, Sands, Hall G – 51522) for a personal demo.


3. Help companies create even better content for end-users

SwipeGuide wants to enable companies create the best possible visual user guides for end-users to perform tasks in the easiest and fastest way possible. We want to know how our platform is being used and that’s why we’re gathering data. By gathering these details, we can shape the editing process to become even faster, easier and better. Based on our findings, our AI can create recommendations and templates to optimise your instruction design. Everything for the optimal user experience for both the editor and the end-user!


4. Smart feedback from devices

How amazing would it be if your coffee machine could tell you when it needs a bean refill or filter change? Most devices already have that technology, but that’s usually where it ends. We’re about to change that. With the SwipeGuide Instruction Platform you will be able to connect product sensor information specific step-by-step instructions.This way you can notify you user with the right instruction at the right time. Our goal is to be connected to every device in your home to make life as easy as possible by avoiding the hassle of an unclear and unhandy paper user manual (because you probably already threw it away anyways).


5. Explore new content delivery methods

SwipeGuide currently relies on text, images, illustrations, gifs and short videos to explain how a new task should be performed. In 2018, we’ll experiment with voice recognition, audio and AR to gather findings on what the best way to learn and execute a new task actually is. Together with our instructional design research team at the University of Twente, we want to develop the standards for optimal learning. SwipeGuide is on a mission to simplify. Making any new task easier to do. – anywhere and anytime.


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