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At SwipeGuide we follow an outside-in approach to instruction.

This scientifically proven method of writing user guides is the backbone of our software platform.
Our software enables you to produce a manual according to our approach.
This approach leads to quicker learning and better retention. We can help you make your instructions great with our services.

Instructional Design

With SwipeGuide you can easily design your own instructions. But when you need help with that we are here. We offer a collection of resources like toolkits or training. With these resources you’ll be able to create instructions that rock. Need more help? We have a network of instructional designers that can help you creating your Guides.

Content production

Illustrations, Images and Video are an essential part of SwipeGuide visual instruction approach. It is easy to create your own content. There are a lot of great tools around to you can use. Not comfortable creating your own content? We have a network of content producers available for us that can help create compelling content.


Instructions can have specific legal requirements. The requirements are changing, so it is good to check the impact for your user guides when needed. We can help you check the legal side of things for your instructions. For more comprehensive scans and advice we work with partners that are specialized in this field. Do you have any legal queries? Feel free to reach out to us.