SwipeGuide is constantly evolving and improving in order to give our customers the best possible tool to create effective instructions. Here are our latest improvements!


New feature: Sentiment measuring

→ Improve your instructions based on real feedback from your end-users.

  • This helpful feature enables platform admins to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Based on a 1-5 star rating or yes/no questions.
  • Includes customizable follow-up questions.
  • Choose when rating and follow-up question should appear.
  • Track your sentiment measurement campaigns in the editor CMS settings.



 SwipeGuide for SwipeGuide

  • It would be ironic if SwipeGuide didn’t come with a SwipeGuide, right? You can now find all the information you need in order to get started with creating visual step-by-step user guides with SwipeGuide here.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Images only up to 2MB & loading time sloooow
    → Images can now be done up to 5MB and loading is faster.
  • Not possible to disable a user from the CMS.
    → Admins can now disable users.
  • Bullet points in content do not always style properly.
    → Now they style nice and orderly.
  • Error message in the console when a user is uploading an image in a step
    → Error message no more.
  • Platform logo preview doesn’t fit the screen.
    → Now the logo fits the preview & looks pretty.
  • In the step-editor, the ‘+’ icons are not working (only clicking on text works).
    → This UX flaw is now fixed.
  • High default workflow security level blocks editors to edit all guides.
    → Default level set to low to allow all editors of an organization to edit all guides.

Good luck with using the even better SwipeGuide instruction platform. And of course – if you have any questions or feedback about these updates, feel free to contact us!