Summer holidays are here! As we want to go camping this year we decided to buy a CADAC Carri Chef 2 – a great appliance for cooking and grilling whilst camping. After getting all parts out of the box we needed some guidance in setting up the grill and ended up with no less than three booklets. However, these instructions are less than ideal: first, there is a brief “Assembly Instruction” that holds some coded black and white images. Next, there is a “User Instruction” booklet in 11 languages, covering multiple models of the Carri Chef 2. Finally, there is a full-color Recipe Book. These manuals sure need a makeover.

Analysis of the CADAC Carri Chef 2 manual

  • The visual instructions for assembly would have been nice, but the instructions are not clear. The visuals are okay, but the structure and numbering of steps puzzled me as a user. Also, full-color images would be nicer than the current black-and-white images. 
  • It is hard to find the right language in the user manual.
  • The information is presented in a tiny font where the steps are hidden between warnings and background information.
  • It is hard to get started and find relevant information.
  • One of my first thoughts after unpacking was to store it in the bag and packing it into the car. Finding the right way to do this was a challenge. In the end, I turned to Google and found a CADAC video, but it was hard to understand the packing part. Another video showed me the procedure, but I guess not in the most optimal way. In the end, I found a piece of info in the User Manual, but it would have been handy to have this explained in a visual way.

SwipeGuide Manual Makeover

  • First, we made a new instructional design based upon the existing material. Most information was available. It just needed some major restructuring. By using the information mapping options in SwipeGuide we were able to put all info in a place that is logical for users.
  • Next, we did a media shoot producing all the visuals. The existing assembly instructions contained black-white visuals (cheaper in print), but we decided to go for high-quality full-color as SwipeGuide delivers digital. Also adding animated GIFs allows us to show small movements in a clear way.
  • For now, we didn’t do any recipes, but SwipeGuide would be an excellent platform for sharing recipes as well. Either from CADAC or as User-Generated Content by Braai enthusiasts that want to share their favorite recipes.
  • Have a look at the SwipeGuide version of the CADAC Carri 2 below or in this link.



We love to hear our opinion about this Manual Make-over. Feel free to reach out with your cases as well!