Writing effective instructions can be tricky.


What should I focus on? Which words should I use? How to make a manual that is appealing? How should I formulate my sentences in order to create an instruction that is as user-friendly and clear as possible?


This is something a lot of SwipeGuide editors have been struggling with. Since our instruction platform is built with the most cutting-edge technologies in order to rock the world of instructions, we want our features to constantly evolve according to the real needs of our customers. Ease of writing effective instructions is one of these needs.

Make a Manual Assisted by The Live Writing Recommendations Engine.

One of the technologies our Developer Superstars are currently building is our algorithm for writing recommendations for SwipeGuide editors in the CMS. The feature is called the “Live Writing Recommendations Engine” and gives editors instruction writing suggestions on how to make the best possible manual in the SwipeGuide Editor CMS to fit the needs of their audience and the problems they want to solve.

Machine learning, AI and other automation technologies are being applied to the software for smart feedback on instruction writing best practices for editors based on tracking data to make it as easy as possible to make a manual. The SwipeGuide algorithm combines data from products, machinery and usage to optimize the instructions with every use. By combining our in-house knowledge of automation within the platform with AI and machine learning, we can truly add value to the editors who make manuals in SwipeGuide.  

Joost Elfering, the CTO of SwipeGuide, explains:

“We gather data on usage and sentiment so that we can use machine learning in the form of pattern recognition on the content. We apply scored matching in order to find patterns that are effective in the content based on our own effectiveness score that we are developing. Based on these patterns we can match new and existing content to determine if they adhere to the most effective patterns.”


The SwipeGuide Live Recommendations Engine scores the content based on usage and sentiment. These scores help us to recognize patterns of effective instruction in your industry and will give recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of the content in your instructions.

For our clients, this means better instructions and more efficient processes by the day.



The beta version of the Live Recommendations Engine will be tested at selected companies in late 2018 and launched to all SwipeGuide platforms in Q2 of 2019. The prototype will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas, January 8th to 12th 2019.


Want to hear more about this feature that will help you make a manual? Contact us and we’ll tell you everything!