Today’s fast-changing world sets an unstable environment for organizations to operate in. Therefore, organizations need to continuously adapt to external factors while keeping a focus on organizational goals through clear organizational processes.


Being mindful of this, more and more organizations are investing in continuous improvement strategies that allow them to standardize operational procedures in order to steer the organization in the right direction but also optimize these procedures in order to adapt to the changes that come from the environment.


Work instructions and professional user guides are often overlooked when talking about digital transformation especially in industrial manufacturing settings. However, what companies often don’t realize is that 30% of operational downtime actually is related to bad instructions. What can you do in order to avoid this?



In practice, you should consider the following when choosing instructional software for your production facility: 

  1. Procedural knowledge should be captured into an instructional system that allows the staff to thrive and meet KPIs. 
  2. The instructions should be easy to follow while working.
  3. Easy access to the instructions at any moment of need.
  4. The system should also be able to capture data on how these procedures work in practice and how they can be improved. 
  5. Possibilities to share the procedures with each other to ensure standardization and scalability for continuous improvement.
  6. Possibilty to edit and update instructions regularly in case changes are required.


Giving easy access to instructions is key for production line efficiency. A good instructional software helps you easily transfer your procedures and avoid unnecessary operational downtime by setting clear standards for manufacturing equipment maintenance and properly training production line employees with good instructions.

The instructional software should also reduce errors by making sure that every operator has access to digital instructions at every moment. It allows all of your employees to thrive by reinforcing their natural ability to problem-solve by having access to user-friendly work instructions at hand whenever needed. Helps you make sure that human errors, unplanned downtimes, losses, and returns are avoided. But also gives the possibility to increase production line efficiency in your smart factory by limiting everyday problems that delay operations and increase costs.


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