Safety Matters.

Talk to anyone in the manufacturing industry, and ask them what they prioritize most for their workers on the factory floor. It doesn’t matter if it’s the CEO, an accountant, or a team foreman. Nine times out of ten, they’ll tell you that safety is their number one concern.

At SwipeGuide, we think that’s fantastic.

Obviously, workforce safety is incredibly important in every industry. We want everyone, in every job, to be happy and healthy and perform at their absolute best. But there’s a reason that safety is a top concern for the movers and shakers in the manufacturing industry. Frequently, a safe workplace can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Cost of an Unsafe Workplace.

An unsafe work environment will have far-reaching negative effects. Some are immediately noticeable, while others are subtle and might take time to show in your workplace.

Industrial catastrophes are our worst fear. They are violent, devastating, and can happen in an instant. Accidents also come at an incredible cost. Serious, nonfatal accidents cost EU businesses €476 billion every year and have far-reaching effects.

But it’s more than the monetary cost. Businesses often suffer because of the unseen factors that linger in the workplace after an accident. The devastation of an injury will have an impact on the morale of every employee. This can cause a serious loss in productivity on the factory floor.

If you work in the food and beverage industry, workforce safety means much more than avoiding accidents. You must ensure and maintain rigid food safety standards and routinely pass strict certification guidelines. Any failure to do so could mean hefty fines, loss of distribution, lawsuits, and potentially the end of your business.

Safety in the Modern Workplace.

Safety takes many forms. Sometimes, the things we need to do to improve workforce safety are…

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