Is it possible for someone to have a fun and fulfilling time by just following the instructions of a step-by-step user manual?

Yes, it is, and Nintendo proved it.

A few time ago the video game company launched “LABO”, a cross cardboard-video game product where you do the assembly yourself in order to create small crafts and you can adjust the console’s parts and play. The interesting part is that the video game provides an easy, simple and entertaining way to give the instructions needed for the assembly, in a visual user guide (visual instructions) on the screen of Nintendo’s console. So the end user can operate the touchscreen to take step-by-step visual instructions, feeling joy and fulfillment because of the sounds and animations that are presented on the console for every correct taken step!



The user can take vvvvv, step-by-step visual instructions using the touchscreen of Nintendo’s console


The experience of executing small tasks can be amusing, fulfilling and at the same time efficient


The feedback from the customers and professional reviewers has been very positive.

This case shows us that an activity that until now was considered boring, can be turned into a simple, easy, positive and efficient experience if the platform is set to the right way with the right visuals.


In SwipeGuide we believe that the use of modern tech-platforms can create an instruction user experience which fits perfectly in an already established customer journey.


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