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Drag and drop editing

The intuitive instruction platform lets you structure instructions easily. Create content with the simple drag and drop, and end up with visual and effective minimalistic instructions.

100% Mobile

All your (visual) user guides ‘at your fingertips’ on smartphone or tablet with the intuitive mobile apps that localize automatically. Instant access, anywhere, anytime.

Clear visuals

Use visuals like pictures or moving GIFs or video for clearer communication. Effective instructions depend upon visual information that is quick and easy to understand.

Team collaboration

Working on manuals or instructions as a team? The SwipeGuide platform allows you to set user roles and determine your workflow. With just one click you can pass a guide onto a colleague for review or publishing.

Smart Feedback

With smart feedback you can improve your guides instantly based on end-user feedback. Connect with your end-users; allow them to place comments on an instruction or ask questions about a guide.

Centralized management

Have all your guides in place, accessible for everyone on the team and manage versions from one place.

Multilingual support

Create and manage your user guides in multiple languages.


Make sure your visual user guides are an extension of you brand. Tailor your account to your company’s functional requirements and brand guidelines.

Insightful analytics

Insights in usage statistics: How are your guides used, by how many users, on what device? How are they found? Do users succeed in their tasks and if not, where do they fail?

Activation & Sharing

Make sure your end-users get to the right guide quickly. Our platform allows you to easily share each guide or manual multi-touch point for optimal service experience.

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