Last week, SwipeGuide exhibited at CES Unveiled Amsterdam. Amongst the buzz and excitement during the buildup, we had an opportunity to talk to some of the other exhibitors and to capture some impressions before and during the event.

CES Unveiled Amsterdam hosts an expected 50 companies from the Netherlands to exhibit new technologies, and provides an excellent platform for networking, building partnerships and preparing for CES 2019 in Las Vegas in January.

Unlike most tech fairs, that tend to be located in an industrial-sized halls to fit the masses of visitors, the CES Unveiled Amsterdam event took place in the charming Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam. It seems only fitting that this historic building, the former stock exchange of Amsterdam, would host an event where ideas (and LinkedIn profiles) are exchanged.

In the health tech area we really enjoyed talking to Somnox and Jamzone. Both startups showcased highly innovative projects, which aim to help improve our lives both physically and psychologically. Somnox developed a sleep robot in the form of a pillow that mimics (very) human-like breathing, plays soothing audio (think guided meditation or lullabies) and makes use of a very comfortable design. Jamzone showcased their mind-blowing VR-game, Stressjam, which uses biofeedback to train you to better manage your stress, while exploring an exotic island. BIRD was another standout exhibitor with their sleek electric scooters and electric vehicle sharing service, pushing the sharing economy forward -one rental at a time.

Thank you for having us, StartupDelta and StartupAmsterdam. We look forward to CES 2019 in Las Vegas!