Brainstorm: AR in Instructins + Young Technology Awards

Two main events took place in Enschede, Netherlands. At first, there were the finals of Young Technology Awards 2017 by Novel-T where SwipeGuide’s CEO Willemijn Schneyder won the first place and took the price of 5.000You can find more information about this here.

The second event that took place was our Brainstorm in DesignLab of the University of Twente “AR in Instructions?”. The main objective of this brainstorm was to showcase the instructions of the future. We asked the students to join and see our AR Instruction technology in firsthand.

Some great ideas

The results of the brainstorm were made by the teams that took part. Below you can find the best proposals from the pitchings of the teams:

  • Using eye-tracking glasses to control smarthome devices giving verbal or non-verbal commands. With this approach, the user has more convenience using the product. Reducing the cognitive load is also achieved.
  • User identification. The device can be customized to each user and be instantly adjusted to him/her
  • AR tracking technology is also added in order to learn the user’s movement patterns
  • Instant reaction to current state of mind
  • Use of projector to project instructions on brewery machinery. Having two control buttons on the machine.
  • Camera for error tracking.

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The beginning of the Brainstorm

Our team members and the attendees had the chance to meet each other, having small conversations about technology, machine learninginnovation, augmented reality in work instructions and entrepreneurship while eating some pizza and drinking some refreshments. The brainstorm started with a brief explanation about the goal and approach of the Science2Design4Society that University of Twente follows.

Daan Assen, SwipeGuide’s Co-Founder and Business Developer, kicked-off the brainstorm giving an introduction to the SwipeGuide’s practices and future vision. He talked about why instructions often fail to help end-users both in industrial and consumer use. He explained how AR could be a part of work instruction software and how technologies and techniques like Machine Learning, QR code, Cloud Technology, NFC, Smart Tagging, Direct Linking, Social Sharing will contribute to create more efficient instructions.

Joost Elfering, our team’s CTO, talked about the technology behind AR for instructional use exhibiting the Ninebot Segway Kickscooter product. Sven Hugo Joosten from View Point System took the stage to display a prototype AR, Eye-Tracking Glasses.


 Watch the full presentation via this Facebook Video


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 A step-by-step challenge

The introduction ended by setting the three main cases that the groups would focus on:

  1. Heineken: industrial instructions using QR code and AR.
  2. Philips: consumer Instruction Manuals – replacing a shaving head.
  3. Quby: using an instruction software for a smart thermostat with AR.

Three teams were formed and started working on the case studies of their choice (Team A: Quby, Team B & C: Heineken). For the rest of the event, the teams worked in cooperation with SwipeGuide team and came up with inventive ideas. They also used colored toy bricks to bring to life their idea.

The proposals were showcased by one representative from each group in a two-minute pitch, leading to the end of the brainstorm. 


Watch the video from the event: