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Our story.

The SwipeGuide instruction platform was born out of the frustration of how user-hostile traditional paper manuals and work instructions are. They’re never at hand when needed, they’re text-heavy, technical and difficult to understand. For companies, they’re difficult to create, maintain and impossible to track.

Stuck in the last century!

Willemijn Schneyder and Daan Assen met in 2015 on a mutual frustration on user manuals and instructions. Willemijn from a user experience perspective and Daan from an instructional design perspective, both looking for and using emerging technologies to democratise knowledge and empower users.

They quickly came to the same conclusion: instructions could be done in a much better way.

Based on this conversation SwipeGuide was born. Several iterations later, and with an amazing team of Swipees onboard, the SwipeGuide instruction platform makes it as easy as possible for companies to create, publish, distribute and track visual step-by-step instructions in a compelling design for execution on any mobile and wearable device.

The instruction analytics provides our customers with real-time insights for continuous improvement, reduce downtime and improve task proficiency of operators and field service engineers.

Our mission.

Our mission is to simplify your world by making any new task easier to do. One user manual, one work instruction at a time.

Our platform enables companies and their employees to create the best instruction experience possible.


Meet the team.