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Improve operational efficiency.

Achieve shop floor excellence with the SwipeGuide work instruction software.
Connect man, machine & process.


Increase production line efficiency in your smart factory by limiting everyday problems that delay operations and increase costs.

Allow all of your employees to thrive by reinforcing their natural ability to problem-solve by having access to user-friendly work instructions at hand whenever needed.  

Attain your quality standards, norms and regulations by standardizing your procedures with excellent instructions. 

Easy access to instructions is key for production line efficiency. Reduce errors by making sure that every operator has access to digital instructions at every moment. 

Give your staff easy access to instructions so that human errors, unplanned downtimes, losses and returns are avoided. 

Avoid unnecessary operational downtime by setting clear standards for manufacturing equipment maintenance and properly training production line employees with good instructions.

Create, share & track work instructions.

Create with the SwipeGuide work instruction software. 

✓ Fully customizable platform.

✓ Intuitive drag & drop editor for text and visuals.

✓ Multilingual instructions.

✓ Share between locations and teams.

✓ Secure with a password.

✓ Team collaboration.

✓ Workflow management.

✓ Get help from the SwipeGuide team.




Share the instructions. 

✓ Optimised for any screen and device.

✓ Automatically generated QR code.

✓ Embed the instructions on your website or app.

✓ Share a direct URL link.

✓ Get direct access with NFC.

✓ ERP integration.

Track & analyze usage. 

✓ Use on a smartphone, tablet, wearable & OEM screen.

✓ Track effectiveness & analyze usage for continuous improvement.

✓ Real-time instruction analytics.

✓ Measure effort, satisfaction & time

Collect instruction feedback with smart forms.

✓ Follow-up with another question for in-depth feedback.

✓ API integrations. 

✓ Single sign-on (SSO).

✓ Custom signoffs.


Achieve shop floor excellence.

Use our CMS to create, share & track visual intelligent work instructions that fit any screen & device.

100% digital.

Share on any screen & device. Instant access - anywhere, anytime.

Smart feedback.

Allow your users to give open-end comments on your instructions anywhere on the SwipeGuide platform.

Instruction analytics.

Analyze the usage of your instructions & gather feedback from your end-users for continuous improvement.

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